Zerorez Raleigh

Introducing 'Zerorez' Brand Shampoo

The World's First Shampoo-less, Shampoo!

Are you tired of lathering up with shampoo? It takes so forever to froth it up.. then twice as long to rinse it back out. Not to mention, get that soap in your eyes, and suddenly all your co-workers think you're moonlighting at the dispensary.

Zerorez has solved the age-old problem.

Introducing the world's first shampoo-less, shampoo. Zerorez brand shampoo isn't a shampoo at all. It utilizes our patented Empowered Water Process to create a froth free cleaning agent.

No Soaps = No Rinsing

Showering used to take me so long.. sometimes even 12 minutes. But now, I'm in and out in like 10 minutes. Thanks Zerorez!
Billy Mayes
North Raleigh, NC
*Zerorez Shampoo is not currently available.. and probably will never be available. Once the boss sees this, we'll probably have to take the page down.