Zerorez Raleigh

About ZEROREZ® Raleigh Carpet Cleaning

ZEROREZ® Franchising Systems, Inc. is a Nevada corporation that owns and operates a national carpet and living surfaces cleaning franchise company. Our system is unique, superior and unprecedented in its ability to clean your home or office building without soaps, shampoos, or toxic chemicals. In addition, ZEROREZ® sanitizes without any toxicity. ZEROREZ® is the first company in the world that can clean, disinfect and protect our customer’s total living environment. Our products are GREEN and they protect your home and preserve the environment in which you live. Zero residue means your home stays cleaner longer.

Who are we?

We are a faith-based organization with selfless servant leaders. We prize the learning process more than perfection. We set and accomplish worthy goals. Winning is measured by the success of those around us. We are good stewards of all that we've been given (Where much is given, much is required). We support each other knowing that our intentions are good.

We are Positive.

We believe that good things happen, and we find the good in all situations. We create uplifting experiences to build each other. We choose to be happy.

We are Passionate.

We have an unstoppable attitude. We give 100% to make things better. We inspire each other through our focus and efforts. Intense training of our bodies, minds, and spirits keeps us in a healthy state of being. Our impact changes lives forever.

We are Professional.

We “ALWAYS” do the right thing, even if no one is watching. We utilize resources to excel. The “Golden Rule” is our way of life. We look at situations, obstacles, and challenges objectively and use positive emotion to move them forward.

Our success is a direct reflection of who we are; “it” gets better as we get better.

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